Catalogs & Selections

Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods invites you to browse their many online catalogs for style, color and brand selections to be used in your custom apparel orders for athletic apparel, corporate wear, hats and work wear.  Stop by the store to look through many other brands and product items available for customization at Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods.   Contact our sales staff for pricing and lead times.

Corporate Wear


Come to Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods for a look at catalog selections specifically for these popular name brands and vendors:

badger sport catalogs  holloway catalogs  Under Armour catalogs   Athletic Wear Options

carhartt catalogs  dickies catalogs  key catalogs  Work Wear Catalogs

Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods also has additional catalog options in the store for more options from:

alphabroder catalogs  sanmar catalogs   tri-mountain catalogs   Corporate Wear Catalogs

otto catalogs  outdoor-cap catalogs  pacific-headwear catalogs  richardson-cap catalogs Sources for Hats & Caps