Embroidery Options

Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods has a great selection of thread colors to achieve the perfect look on all of your custom embroidery work.

Our embroidery production team will use your logo or graphics to get the exact look you want to achieve.  Similarly if you are looking for new ideas ask our design team for help!

Embroidery on Hats   Embroidery on shirts

Moreover, at Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods we are using the latest technology to produce quality embroidery work.  Similarly, our highly trained staff always works in collaboration with the client to achieve the perfect results.

Shaping Hats with embroidery  producing embroidery items

Equally dedicated to their craft as well as superior customer service, our team wants your product to look its best.  Furthermore, they know if you look good in our products likewise our products will be good for you.

embroidery thread

In the light of day, a vast array of embroidery colors will shine through producing outstanding results.  Quality embroidery stands the test of time by providing a durable result that looks wonderful for many years.


If you are questioning your options for a custom order, see the Screen Printing Page to see our staff work on that technique…

Creating an end product with custom embroidery takes a lot of thought and planning.  Go to the Catalogs Page to check out the many different product lines we can use to create your custom embroidered items…

First you will want to have an idea in mind.  Second you will want to choose a source with vast experience in creating custom products.  After all of our years in the industry, we have an extensive portfolio of work to show you.  Stop by the store to look over samples and discuss ideas with our design staff.  For examples of the great design work completed by screen printing or embroidery you will want to see our Photo Gallery Page …