Jim Prestholdt Story

A little bit of history about Jim Prestholdt….

In August 1976 Jim Prestholdt was a twenty-year-old college student from Dawson Minnesota.  He started thinking hard about his life and career.  Jim Prestholdt loved sports and wanted to be a vital part of his hometown community.  With the help of family, friends and community leaders a dream was born. Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods opened its doors on Saturday, November 6, 1976!

storefront Jim PrestholdtJim Prestholdt went into business on main street in Dawson Minnesota while completing the final years of his college education.  The first store included a 1500 square foot showroom floor.  The building was located on the west side of the street at 792 Sixth Street.  Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods opened as a men’s clothing and sporting goods store.  The first years of running the store were hectic.  Things were able to move forward while  working together with the help of managers Dale Melom and Laurie Plate.

As time goes on things start to change….

By 1981, there was a need for more showroom space and staff at Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods.  At the same time, Ruby’s Fashion Villa needed more space for their ladies wear customers.  Jim collaborated with Ruby Anderson to develop a new construction project.  Together with major community support this collaboration resulted in a new two-sided building.  The building had Ruby’s Fashion Villa in the north half and Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods in the south half.  Located at the corner of 6th Street and Pine Street in downtown Dawson Minnesota.

The building and showroom floor have undergone several changes since 1981. The addition of custom embroidery and screen-printing services in 1999 were equally important in these changes.  These new services allowed Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods to expand his product and service offerings.  At the same time, the collaborations with area businesses, sports teams, organizations and individuals resulted in unique custom pieces.  These custom pieces have created a reputation for high quality results.

An expansion needed to happen…

Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods bought the north half of the building in 2015. The entire line of retail merchandise and formalwear was expanded and relocated to the north side of the structure.  Meanwhile, the production area for the custom apparel was enlarged.  Similarly, space was created to allow for additional design and sales work space.

With over 40 years of experience, the staff will continue to stand by our Mission, Core Values and Vision at Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods.

Jim Prestholdt Owner

Jim Prestholdt, Owner

MISSION at Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods We Will…

  • Exceed peoples’ expectations by providing name brand, quality merchandise, selection and service.
  • Proactively serve our clients and customers to do whatever it takes through cooperation and communication to help our customers achieve and exceed their shopping goals.
  • Strengthen our communities by providing the resources, environment, time and talent to enhance your shopping experience.
  • Preserve and enhance the reputation and value of our company.

CORE VALUES at Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods:

  • SERVICE is our trademark.  We will always strive to serve you in a professional and respectful manner.
  • INTEGRITY is our foundation.  We are respectful, honest, trustworthy and professional at all times.
  • TEAMWORK is working together in harmony and willingness to do whatever it takes to serve our clients and fellow team members.
  • CHANGE AND INNOVATION are vital.  We will all seek continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE by taking full responsibility that we will exceed our customers service standards by satisfaction guaranteed.

VISION at Jim’s Clothing & Sporting Goods:

To be Western Minnesota’s clothing, footwear, sporting goods, embroidery, screen-printing and advertising-specialties leader.

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